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Vane Pump Vane Pump

Vane Pump Pulsation Dampening

Vane pumps enit high frequency pulsation that is attenuated by an inline flow through pulsation damper interceptor.

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These pumps have a number of vanes that are free to slide into or out of slots in the pump rotor. When the pump driver turns the rotor, centrifugal force, push rods, and/or pressurized fluid causes the vanes to move outward in their slots and bear against the inner bore of the pump casing forming pumping chambers.

Product(s) / Service(s): sliding vane pumps
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
1809 Century Avenue SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-1530
T: 616-241-1611
F: 616-241-3752
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Eaton product literature library.

Product(s) / Service(s): vane pumps
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
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Continental Hydraulics

The variable volume, pressure compensated design features of these pumps combined with significant advancements in noise reduction make them a perfect match for many industrial applications. 

Product(s) / Service(s): Variable Displacement, Pressure Compensated Vane Pumps  
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
Phone: 952.895.6400
Fax: 952.895.6444
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Sundyne Corporation

The MPA is a sealless sliding vane, magnet drive pump. MPA pumps are used for dangerous liquids, solvents, acids, alkalies, refrigerants, and mechanical seal flush.

Product(s) / Service(s): MPA Sliding Vane Pump
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
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Jabsco is a part of ITT Industries, the world's premier and largest producer of pumps to move fluids. There are few parts of the world where the Jabsco family of brands are not known.

Product(s) / Service(s): Diesel Transfer Pumps
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
Jabsco US
666 E Dyer Rd.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Tel: +1 714 557-4700
Fax: +1 714 628-8478
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Viking Pump

Viking Pump manufactures positive displacement pumps and accessories for industrial and sanitary pumping applications.

Product(s) / Service(s): LVP Series Vane Pump
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
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Crane A&E

Lear Romec introduced the vane pump design for aerospace applications in the late 1920's and continues to refine the technology. Today, we produce single and multiple element vane pumps designed to operate in a variety of demanding environments. Lear Romec vane pumps are robust and can be used in oil, fuel, and coolant applications.

Product(s) / Service(s): positive displacement pumps / vane pumps
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
Aerospace Group:
Attn: Leslie Keyes
16700 13th Ave West
P.O. Box 97027
Lynnwood, WA 98046-9727
Electronics Group:
10301 Willows Road
P.O. Box 97005
Redmond, WA 98073-9705
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Tuthill Corporation

DC Pumps and Transfer / Distributor Stations

Product(s) / Service(s): Fuel Transfer Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Flow Meters, Hand Pumps
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
automated procedure on website
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Speck Pumpen

Released from the familiy-owned company, the SPECK Pumpenfabrik, Walter Speck GmbH & Co. KG was established in Roth in 1961 and is managed legally and economically independent. Production sites and branch offices in Europe, USA, South Africa and Asia underlign its international character.

Product(s) / Service(s): Roller vane pump
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
Regensburger Ring 6-8
91154 Roth
Tel: +4991718090
Fax: +49917180910 
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PDF about VPV Series, to 3000 psi - for fluid power hydraulics.

Product(s) / Service(s): vane pumps
Source / Origin of Design: unknown
Contact Information:
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Wikipedia Vane Pump

A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside of a cavity. In some cases these vanes can be variable length and/or tensioned to maintain contact with the walls as the pump rotates. The most simple vane pump is a circular rotor rotating inside of a larger circular cavity. The centers of these two circles are offset, causing eccentricity. Vanes are allowed to slide into and out of the rotor and seal on all edges, creating vane chambers that do the pumping work. On the intake side of the pump, the vane chambers are increasing in volume. These increasing volume vane chambers are filled with fluid forced in by the inlet pressure. Often this inlet pressure is nothing more than pressure from the atmosphere. On the discharge side of the pump, the vane chambers are decreasing in volume, forcing fluid out of the pump. The action of the vane drives out the same volume of fluid with each rotation. Multistage rotary vane vacuum pumps can attain pressures as low as 10-3 Torr.

Common uses of vane pumps include high pressure hydraulic pumps and automotive uses including power steering and automatic transmission pumps. Pumps for mid-range pressures include applications such as carbonators for fountain soft drink dispensers and espresso coffee machines. They are also often used as vacuum pumps for providing braking assistance (through a braking booster) in diesel-engined vehicles. Furthermore, vane pumps can be used in low-vacuum applications including evacuating refrigerant lines in air conditioners, and laboratory freeze dryers, extensively in semiconductor low pressure chemical vapor deposition systems, and vacuum experiments in physics.
Vane Pump

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